Are You Experienced..."Ash-Inc." experienced – that is! Ash-Inc. is a collection of raw and talented urban entertainment projects created by Mr. Aaron S. Humphrey (Ash), designed to R.E.A.CH the youth while teaching the truth!

"R.E.A.C.H" is acrimonious for; Relate, Enlighten, Advise, Correspond to Help, inner–city kids better understand and resolve issues they may be going through in life – without necessarily going through them! Instead, they’re afforded the opportunity to just sit back, watch, grown and learn from my cast of "identifiable" characters that face similar problems! For each of my projects contain a little bit of that "New York City Housing Authority" Project flavor and "Real-World" experience!

It’s where The Hood crosses-over to The Mainstream! Where book-smarts encounters Street-Smarts! Where Universities matriculate to School of Hard Knocks! Where bad breaks and harsh realities are dealt with in the NYC "truthful" – not Hollywood "fantasy" – style! It’s good old fashion young American fun... but with a slight urban/pop realistic twist!